MAXHUB Efficient Platform for Conference

This is a plural and open era. MAXHUB, a multi-functional device, integrated ultra HD display, touch interactivity, wireless screen sharing etc. all in one. Compatible with various remote conference software, hardware and office applications. MAXHUB dedicates to improve meeting efficiency of financial institutions, high-tech companies, estate enterprises, manufacturers, consulting service agencies and governmental organizations etc.


Touch and Writing

Based on in-depth research of writing habits in meeting, MAXHUB interactive board integrates Precise writing, Two styluses writing, Common Gesture Interactivity etc. thus to fit for different needs of writing and drawing.


Wireless Screen Sharing

New style of presentation and interaction. Support to share PC, mobile phone, Pad to panels wirelessly. Touch the screen to page up and down and annotate. A collaboration presentation worthy of your ideas.


Remote Collaboration

Built in two 800W cameras, array microphones and compatible with numerous of remote conferencing hardware and software. Break limitation of space, remote collaboration, save business travelling cost.

* MAXHUB Premium line support precise and two stylus writing simultaneously.
* For mobile phones, support Android 5.0, iOS 8.0 and above operating system.
* For PC, support Windows 7, macOS 10.10 and above operating system, also should be with USB2.0 and above, type A interface.
* MAXHUB Premium line is built-in two 800W pixel cameras and array microphones.
* Compatible with various Third-party video conference software. MAXHUB doesn't provide video conferencing service.
* The actual appearance is based on the object. All data comes from MAXHUB laboratory.