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Gomer – AI Robot


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Gomer:Smart robot for STEAM Education & Family Fun

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Gomer will be your robot assistant. He has a flexible gripper and can hold anything from food to drinks to household items. Gomer is the perfect robot companion for the kids, he can remember your kids, recognize emotion, paly games, learn Graphic Programming, etc. With an in-built 720p Camera and Wi-Fi, you can also play, watch and interact with your pets anytime and anywhere, all by your smartphone!

Meet Gomer, with the help of its specially-designed, soft hand, Gomer is a close assistant for your family members. With his smart brain and cute personality, Gomer will be a dream fellow for your kid and pet.

Family Assistant and Buddy: You can control Gomer to grab variety of objects you like, what is more, Gomer can be programmed to grab gadgets with specific patterns, the tail of a cat, the paw of a dog, Gomer all will want to have a try.

Mobile Patroller: As Gomer can move freely, it helps you watch your whole home. Gomer can even help you to say ”Hello” to your cat.

As a family member, Gomer has a cute personality driven by its own AI. He can tell your name and recognize your emotion. He also likes to shake hands and play games with you. Gomer really bring your kid lots of fun in life.
Gomer is more than a robot, it is your child’s mentor and playmate. Through interaction with Gomer, your kid has more inspiration to communicate, to explore, Gomer can even nudge your kid easier to access the knowledge of AI and robot.

STEM Education: Graphical programming and robotics inspire your kids highly value creating, innovating and seeing the world from different angles.