MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series T Series
Over the Edge
48 MP
Flip-over Camera

PCAP Touch

Auto Zoom In
On the Speaker

Optical Bonding
Ultra-low Parallax

Seam Speakers
Creative Acoustic Structure

Bridging the Divide

Privacy Safeguard: Flip-over Camera1 in 48MP
MAXHUB Transcend Series adopts the first flip-over camera on a conference IFP, safeguarding the privacy when the camera is left idle. The camera would automatically flip to the front once you start a teleconference application. And after the session is over, the camera would automatically turn to the back. Even when the camera zooms in on one of the attendees at the back of the room, the video may still maintain its clarity and sharpness.
Auto Zoom in on the speaker2 | Higher SNR3 | Flips to the Front Only When Needed

Voice Localisation4 via 6-element Mic Array
MAXHUB Voice Localisation algorithm lays the foundation for zooming in on the speaker. By analysing the phase of the sound waves and how soon they arrive at each of the microphone elements, MAXHUB could tell the direction of the voice. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.
6-element Microphone Array | Up to 8 Metres Voice Pickup Voice Localisation | Automatic Gain 丨 Noise Cancellation | Anti-reverberation

Ultra-thin, Complete Flat Enclosure
Owing to the ELED backlight structure and PCAP touch technology, MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series boasts a thickness down to 18mm. There is no touch frame, thus the screen is completely flat. Once installed in a room, it is no longer a display, it is a masterpiece.

ELED | Down to 18mm5 | PCAP Touch Technology

Seam Speakers6 , Creative Acoustic Structure
The V5 Series opens a much smaller seam for the sound waves to travel through. The sound waves go directly to the participants, instead of bouncing from the floor. The power is increased by 14% with 2.1 stereo sound.
2.1 Stereo Sound | 40W Powerful Speakers

Enhanced Performance
Optional Android or Windows module will enhance the performance and reliability of the operating system. The Android module provides a straighter-forward way of human-computer interaction, whereas the PC module would offer greater security, broader compatibility and more powerful performance. Either module would make MAXHUB V5 a handy tool in the office.

Optional Android 9.0/Windows 107

Type-C8 Connector, Bridging the Divide
A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the MAXHUB V5 and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Meanwhile, it also allows access to the built-in camera and microphone array. Now you can enjoy wide viewing angle camera and 8 metres of voice pickup features on your laptop. Besides, MAXHUB supports extension mode via Type-C.
Carrying Video & Audio & Touch Signals | Accessing the Wide-angled Camera and Powerful Mic Array

1. Flip-over Camera refers to the built-in camera that rotates to the front once a teleconference or camera application needs to access the camera. This camera is available on MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series only.
2. MAXHUB V5 may zoom in on the speaker automatically during a meeting. The camera would locate the speaker via pattern recognition and voice localisation algorithms.
3. SNR refers to the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of the imaging system. The 48MP Camera of MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series achieves higher SNR during a UHD or FHD teleconference by gathering more light information and reducing the electric noise in the imaging process.
4. Voice localisation locates the direction speaker with the microphone array and guides the camera for auto zoom in on the speaker.
5. 18mm refers to the thinnest part of MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series.