98M3A 98-inch Super Interactive Flat Panel

M3A – offers far more than what you can see
LG commercial screen
4K 3840X2160 resolution
Android 8.0
Improve overall response speed
Large memory, large space
1mm detection precision
Support 20-point touch control, high sensitivity
Quad screen
Easy comparison, real-time discussion
Patent appearance
Classical narrow bezel, streamline fuselage
The sinking height is reduced to 7mm
CPU architecture: ARM Cortex A73 + A53, 3G running memory+32G storage, Android 8.0
Smart touch pen writing, 1mm detection precision, 20 points touch control, Special writing pen, Android quad screen
Thin body, narrow bezel
Classical narrow bezel, 7mm depth of cushion, and built-in WIFI antenna, provide a wide view.
Android 8.0 (Optional Windows system)
The new upgrade M3A, equipped with Android 8.0, a more stable and faster system, hosting more applications.
150% performance increase
CPU architecture: ARM Cortex A73 A53, with 3G running memory, performance is 150% better than the previous generation. with stronger, multi-tasking capabilities, it is easy to handle all kinds of graphics and document editing.
Quad-core CPU
ARM Cortex A73 A53
High performance GPU
Mali G51
3G running memory
32G storage
Fine writing
1mm detection precision + 20 points touch control
M3A brand new writing software, 1mm detection precision, single-point/multi-point writing modes. Two writing modes available, intelligent handwriting algorithm, refined strokes to deliver amazing writing experience.
Smart Touch Pen
Two writing modes available   10-points or calligraphy
One point touch to write
Two points touch to zoom
Erase with the back of your hand
Multi-point touch to move
Annotate as you like
Erase with the back of your hand
Wireless screen mirroring  Easy to share
The Horion interactive flat panel supports screen mirroring with computer, mobile phone and tablet to facilitate better conference display, information sharing and communication. Split the screen into 4 identical parts to display contents from multiple devices. With this way multiple users and devices can use interactive flat panel at the same time.
Mirroring PC、tablet and mobile phone to interactive flat panel
Remote cloud conference  Zero distance collaboration
The unique cloud conferencing system supports screen sharing with mobile phone, tablet, computer, and interactive flat panel without space limit. It can realize real-time, smooth, face-to-face communication, sharing and collaboration through two-way touch screen.
LG 4K screen
For 4K ultra-high-definition screen, LG IPS is the best choice as it comes with high contrast and wide color gamut. The fifth generation color engine chip presents you with more natural picture quality.
4mm Tempered glass protection
Anti-glare screen, no need to pull curtains
The tempered glass with AG film effectively eliminates strong glare and clearly presents screen content, just to provide you with a wonderful visual experience.
Built-in rich applications
New welcome interface, add scene style, background music, signature wall; built-in WPS, voter, calendar, spotlight and other software to meet the needs of the conference.
Product display
Narrow bezel  Arc corner  Patent appearance(Patent No.: 201730634911.4)
built-in WIFI antenna
built-in speaker
Mobile bracket needs to be purchased separately.
Fourth metal frame
Exquisite alloy bracket
Rich interfaces
Packing list
Interactive flat panel
Wall mount kit
New writing pen
Smart pen
Screen mirroring device
U disk
remote control
AC power cord
HDMI cable
USB extension cable
Warranty card / Manual
Wide usages
Business meeting
Commercial display
More people’s choice
*Pictures in the following cases are taken from real scenarios.*

Horion —- Affiliate of KTC Group
100,000 m2 Shenzhen R&D base
280,000 m2 Huizhou production base
6,000 employees
China Top 100 Electronics Enterprise for 9 consecutive years
China Top 500 Private Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry for 3 consecutive years
General Distributor of LG China Commercial Display
Shenzhen Well-known Brand

55M3A parameter
Size: 55” Resolution 3840*2160(UHD) Display Backlight type: D-LED Contrast Ratio: 1300: 1 Viewing angle:178°(H)/178°(V) Brightness: 350cd/㎡ os: Android 8.0 RAM: 3GB DDR3 System Properties Architecture: ARM A73+A53 ROM: 32GB Standard Working frequency: 1.5GHZ GPU: Mali-G51 core: Quad Core voltage: 100V-240V/AC, 50/60Hz Power consumption without oPS: 140W Power Powerconsumption in standby mode:<0.5w Power(AC)Input *1 HDMIIN:*2 S/PDIF OUT: 1 LAN:*2 OPS: *1 Interface VGA IN: *1 MEDIA-USB:*3 PC-AUDIOIN: *1 TOUCH-USB: *1 Earphone oUt: *1 Net Weight: 31.5Kg+1.5Kg  Gross Weight: 42Kg +1.5Kg(Heavy carton) Product Size(mm)(WXDXH)): 1304.00mm*93.5mm*774.8mm Structure Package Size(mm)WxDXH): 1420mm*245mm*910mm(Heavy carton VESA: 4-M6 Screw hole 400mmx400mm Housing material: Aluminum/Sheet Metal/   Housing Color: Gray /Black Sensing Type: Infrared Touch Frame Touch Accuracy: 1mm Touch System Surface Protection 4mmAG Toughened glass Input mode: Fingerorpen Responsetime: < 10ms