Abstract:On the afternoon of January 15, the Shenzhen Computer Industry Summit Forum and Commendation Conference was held in Shenzhen Science Park International Conference Center.

On the afternoon of January 15, the Shenzhen Computer Industry Summit Forum and Commendation Conference was held in Shenzhen Science Park International Conference Center. At this meeting, Horion won two awards: “Innovative Enterprise Award” and “The Good Product of Shenzhen”.

It is reported that the Commendation Conference aims to recognize the advanced enterprises and stimulate the entrepreneurial and individual innovation passion and enterprising spirit. In line with the previous year’s, the Shenzhen Computer Association organized experts to conduct a rigorous comprehensive evaluation of the company’s business conditions, product quality and social recognition, intellectual property status, and social influence. The most innovative and pioneering technology products from Shenzhen were selected from more than a thousand entries.

As the leader in the smart office field, Horion Interactive Flat Panel stands out from the competition and demonstrates its strong innovative R&D strength and strong social influence.

Horion has won the “The Good Product of Shenzhen” award for two consecutive years, which proved that the Market visibility and market share of Horion brand has been among the best from the “first year of the Interactive Flat Panel”.

In 2018 the competition in the Interactive Flat Panel market was fierce, and many SMEs fought a price war. How to maintain brand competitiveness has become the focus of Horion’s current work. To this end, Horion has set the core of product development in the first strategic core, which means to understand consumers in depth, to find consumers’ needs in modern conferences, and to create more intimate and practical products for consumers.

At the beginning of the year, the new Horion M2 series was released, and it has become the main force of the Interactive Flat Panel on the market. As to the education market, Horion pioneered the preschool education and training machine, and proposed slogan of high-end and smart classroom. The Horion 65M2S was first announced as an upgraded version, bringing positive signals to the industry.

Of course, these achievements cannot do without the unity and continuous breakthrough of Horion people. In this year, the R&D team has been expanding, and its capabilities have been continuously enhanced, and many new products will be released.

Horion won “The Good Product of Shenzhen” and “Innovative Enterprise Award”, which is the affirmation of Horion by consumers and industry experts. At the same time, it also greatly encouraged Horion people to be more deligent and innovative.

In 2019, Horion will continue to work hard, keep the initial heart, and bring users intelligent display products that truly solve the multi-scene needs.