Abstract:May 21st, “Beyond the Appearance”, the Horion M3 New Product Release and Channel Promotion Conference was veiled simultaneously in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Kunming.

May 21st, “Beyond the Appearance”, the Horion M3 New Product Release and Channel Promotion Conference was veiled simultaneously in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Kunming, representing the first global launch of M3 Super Interactive Flat Panel and the all-industry solutions. Furthermore, Horion will present a brand new solution of intelligent conferencing together with Huawei and Fastmeeting, while conclude contracts with multiple partners. In the future, we will actively deepen cooperation and build up new conferencing office experience as higher-end and more intelligent.

On the release conference, with high-end appearance, completely new human-machine interaction experience, M3 wins recognition by professionals. With brand new product hardware solutions, software ecological links optimization and full-scene solutions, M3 overturns the old conferencing rules and reconstructs new conferencing ecology.

The new product release conference presents the complete changes from outside to inside of M3, focusing on M3 advantages in product technology and hardware as an all-around conferencing solution for enterprises, education, finance and so on.

Meanwhile, the ceremony of signing contracts with multiple partners were also held on the scene, awarding titles to Horion brand distributors, which create new channels leading the traditional manufacturers to independent brands.

A panorama of blue sea in market, the three-dimensional ecological layout to be accelerated

The general manager of Horion attended the new product release conference in Beijing, representing that the domestic market demand for interactive flat panel will keep increasing in the next years. Horion firmly seizes the opportunity, and based on strong supply chain resources and solid strength, dedicates itself to forging powerful products through 24 years. It plans the third-generation interactive flat panel products, breaks through the bottleneck of super single-product, completely modifies the conferencing rules and reconstructs conferencing ecology.

Powerful collaboration with Fastmeeting and Huawei

Cooperating with Fastmeeting, and Huawei, Horion M3 brings an in-depth cooperative solution to remote video conferencing. In alliances with strong enterprises in the industry, Horion brings its product advantages into full play in software-hardware combination to build up a more open conferencing ecology.

M3 new product release conference grandly opens across three cities in China, which attracts much attention inside and outside the industry. Horion also wishes to deeply integrate the intelligent conferencing scene into our work, living, travelling, leisure, entertainment and other fields together with more partners, thus jointly creating a new era of high-end conferencing.