Abstract:In response to the rocketing demand from global market for the interactive flat panel, Horion decides to open up this opportunity to agents worldwide.

In response to the rocketing demand from global market for the interactive flat panel, Horion decides to open up this opportunity to agents worldwideDealers targeting overseas markets will enjoy all Horion’s supporting policies, as well as those tailored for the specific region. So far, all the preparations have been made.

(Seeking partners worldwide)

The interactive flat panel market is booming in China. Over the years, Horion has identified the trend to expand itself and now has taken a fairly large share in the domestic market. However, Horion has not set foot into the international market yet.

According to statistics from All View Cloud, the domestic demand for commercial interactive flat panel in 2016 was about 30,000 units, and rose to 80,000 in 2017. Last year, it saw a new round of exponential growth.


In 2018, 254,000 interactive flat panels were sold at RMB5.48 billion in Chinese mainland, a YOY increase of 151% and 167% respectively. To many professionals, last year witnessed the “gravitational singularity” for the interactive flat panel industry.


Backed by KTC Group’s many years of experience in the overseas market, Horion went abroad last year. And we’ve achieved quite amazing results in the first quarter of this year. Now we’d like to invite agents worldwide to join us.


All begins with support from Horion.

Full support First Use Then Sell

Mr. Sun, general manager of Horion, stressed that we must work hard to present users and partners with products that won praise from their bottom of hearts, and that Horion would bring fine products to the locals.


To this end, Horion has implemented the “First Use Then Sell” policy. Partners are required to use our products before they are sold so that they become trustworthy.

An overseas business team built inside Horion.

The overseas business team has more than 10 years of experience in dealing with overseas business. Responsible for communicating with overseas agents and handling customer complaintsthe team will ensure that daily communication and business services go well. We will act actively to address issues and improve the service quality in overseas markets.

Strong technical support, backed by the parent company

KTC, Horion’s parent company, has many years of experience in overseas markets and is a leading exporter of displays. Backed by KTC Group, Horion entered the overseas market last year. And we’ve won not only large sales, but also initial users and good reputation.

The main concern of partners is the after-sales service of the products. It is a big challenge for Horion to keep up its after-sales service for overseas customers. Horion’s products come with a one-year warranty worldwide to protect the interests of users at home and abroad. In particular, the functions and operations of products in overseas markets are basically the same as those in China.

Horion is launching the global marketing strategy to bring the interactive flat panel to more users and to accelerate the pace of corporate revolution. We invite you to join us to tap into the interactive flat panel market.