MAXHUB depicts its comprehensive solution for both education and corporate sectors in Intel major event Business Comes Alive! at regional IT hub, Bangalore in southern India, 22nd Oct.

MAXHUB Senior Global Sales & Marketing Director Darren Lin delivered a keynote speech themed ”Easy Learning, Global Connection“. Having solved the most imperative issues including education inequality, inaccessibility of online educational resources, inability to combining IT technology in classrooms, etc., MAXHUB’s education solution focuses not only on setting up devices but also how to make the best use of technology in the daily teaching process.

 “Setting up the devices is only step one”, said Darren during an interview with Cyber Media. “Forming a group of skilled teachers is the key to standing up to the challenges that we are faced with and making learning easier.” MAXHUB also shed light on its plans for enriching the current all-in-one interactive meeting panel solution, by complementing pre-meeting and post-meeting scenarios application to form a truly comprehensive solution for the entire meetings process.

In joining hands with great company Intel, MAXHUB is bound to provide better education & office platforms to India and the globe.