The 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2019, also knows as ACM MM 2019, was held between 21st-25th Oct. 2019 in Nice Acropolis Convention Centre, Nice, France. This year’s venue witnessed another 2 papers being accepted to be presented from CVTE Research. One as a full paper, the other as a challenge paper. 

Since its first conference in 1993, ACM MM has become the premier international conference in the area of multimedia within the field of computer science. Its research focuses on technologies that enable the use and exchange of content integrating the multiple perspectives of different digital modalities, including images, text, video, audio, speech, music, and sensor data.


The two papers accepted to be presented are:


MOC: Measuring the Originality of Courseware in Online Education Systems

This paper measures originality of the courseware used in CVTE’s brand—seewo’s educational whiteboard application. Based on the application of multimodal data mining and unsupervised learning & Deep infomax theorem, the paper aims to measure an online courseware’s originality automatically while performing its algorithm to the embedded texts and graphics. Now the algorithm has been applied to the seewo’s educational online courseware platform. 


The Retrieval of the Beautiful: Self-Supervised Salient Object Detection for Beauty Product Retrieval

The second paper proposes a new way of detecting an object in cosmetics. By extracting the eigenvector of the foreground of the pictures of cosmetics, the search exhibits elevated robustness during searching. The paper has provided an example searching pictures with a single picture input and invites wider application in products that detects an object automatically purely based on its visual appearance. 

CVTE Research’s technical advancements have been continuously applied to our products and services including interactive flat panel, smart display, LCD motherboard, car infotainment, etc. therefore making us more competitive. 


Founded in 2014, CVTE has gathered renowned scholars from around the globe, its research covers visual computing, audio signal processing, data mining, natural language processing, medical signal analysing, robot perception and control, electric machines and drives, etc. Now CVTE Research has been acknowledged as a municipal innovation practical base for post-doctors in Guangzhou with a partnership with top institutes in the industry. The technical hub of CVTE aims to apply cutting-edge technology to industrial application.


CVTE has been proud of being part of this year’s venture. CVTE will continue to dedicate itself to shouldering the responsibility of exploring future, training the talented and maintaining an open mindset for welcoming academic exchange.